Book ’em, Danno

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Do you like 50 year old cop shows? Sure, we all do. Okay, I do. And I’m going to talk about it.

Hawaii Five-O aired from 1968 to 1980, spawned a 1997 TV movie in an attempt to continue the series, and was successfully rebooted in 2010. As with most of my favorites, I found this show through daytime reruns and fell in love with it for all of the wrong reasons. And I’ll tell you all about them as we journey through the show episode by episode. I’ll talk about what’s great, what’s fun, what’s good, what’s not so good, and what’s downright unfortunate.

280 episodes against my commitment issues and laziness. What could go wrong?

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Season 1

Episode 1 -The pilot of the podcast takes on the pilot of Hawaii Five-O, “Cocoon”.   Soundcloud   iTunes

Episode 2- “Full Fathom Five” and “Strangers In Our Own Land” are covered. Loud fashion and louder birds.   Soundcloud   iTunes

Episode 3- “Tiger By the Tail” and “Samurai” are discussed. Sal Mineo battles humidity and Ricardo Montalban can’t blink.   Soundcloud   iTunes

Episode 4- “…And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin” and “24 Karat Kill” are the topics of discussion. Between Big Chicken and a loudass rooster, there’s more poultry involved than anticipated.  Soundcloud   iTunes

Episode 5- “The Ways of Love” and “No Blue Skies” both teach us a valuable lesson about dating men with criminal tendencies. Turns out it’s not a healthy choice for anyone.  Soundcloud   iTunes

Episode 6- “By the Numbers” and “Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won’t Be Born” are covered. Johnny Crawford is having a rough time in Honolulu and Steve has an even rougher time jogging on the beach.  Soundcloud   iTunes

Episode 7- Between “Deathwatch” and “Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember” we’ve got an emotional shift that will drop your transmission. Arrogant criminals and ultimate heartbreak.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 8 -It’s all about Danno as he’s shot and held hostage in “King of the Hill” and then goes undercover after failing to save a young woman in “Uptight”.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 9 -In this out-of-the-norm episode, I talk about “Face of the Dragon” before switching to the pilot episode of the 2010 reboot, aptly titled “Pilot”. Trust me when I say there’s a lot going on here.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 10- An extra long, extra special episode. Dan Budnik from the Eventually Supertrain podcast joins me to talk about two of my absolute season 1 faves “The Box” and “One for the Money”. Spoiler alert! We talk about the endings of both eps. “The Box” gets spoiled from about 50:34 to 58:27. “One for the Money” spoilers go from about 1:53:04 to 1:59:38. Join us for a super fun time. We’re delightful.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 11- Another long episode, but instead of a special guest, I’ve got three episodes: “Along Came Joey” and the two-parter “Once Upon a Time”. First Frank DeKova deals with the death of his son and then Steve deals with the death of his nephew. Prepare to have your emotions drained.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 12- Season one starts winding down with episodes 22 “Not That Much Different” and episode 23 “Six Kilos”. Steve and Five-O first investigate a shooting involving some peace demonstrators and then Steve has to go undercover in some glorious aloha shirts to catch some criminals involved in a heist.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 13- It’s the last episode of season one, “The Big Kahuna” and a quick little season one wrap up. Pele the Goddess of Fire is trying to evict an anointed one out of his house and it’s up to Five-O to defend him. The Governor requests a favor. Please stick around for the season one tallies.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Season 2

Episode 14- Season 2 kicks off with a murderous life insurance scheme (but it’s not deadly how you think) in “A Thousand Pardons–You’re Dead!” and continues with a man carrying out a plot twenty-eight years too late in “To Hell With Babe Ruth”. Danno goes undercover and Steve learns about ninjas. That’s certainly one way to kick off a new season.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 15- Wo Fat is back and kidnapping Grandpa Walton in “Forty Feet High and It Kills!” and Five-O has to deal with a reluctant witness in “Just Lucky, I Guess”. Come for my excessive praising, stay for my extra complaining.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 16- “Savage Sunday” calls Five-O in from their day off to take on Latin American revolutionaries and “A Bullet for McGarrett” features a seriously mesmerizing Eric Braeden. But then, isn’t he always?  Souncloud  iTunes

Episode 17- A fiendish plot unfolds in “Sweet Terror” and a group of college students decide to put the squeeze on the establishment in “King Kamehameha Blues”. There’s ranting, raving, and Kono speculating how to use a giraffe in a theft.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 18- Two more Season 2 gems with “The Singapore File” and “All the King’s Horses”. Take a cruise with Marj Dusay and grow some flowers with James Gregory. There’s also several hired killers. For flavor.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 19- Five-O has their hands full. In “Leopard on the Rock”, they’re babysitting an uninvited, petty tyrant leader from an unidentified country. And in “The Devil and Mr. Frog”, they’re trying to track down a kidnapper with the ransom money. Mind the many twists.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 20- It’s all about dangerous games in “The Joker’s Wild, Man, Wild” and a brilliant, but deadly heist in “Which Way Did They Go?” William Windom is in one of these episodes. This is not a drill!  (Just a heads up: There is a brief discussion of sexual assault and there is a trigger warning beforehand.)  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 21- Three -yes, three!- season 2 episodes. A bomber intending to kill Steve only blinds him in “Blind Tiger”; “Bored, She Hung Herself”, the lost episode of the show; and Steve tries to help an AWOL seaman in “Run, Johnny, Run.” Marion Ross and Christopher Walken. What more do you need?  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 22- Five-O is puzzled by a string of kidnappings in “Killer Bee” and then find themselves chasing after a man intent on catching his brother’s killer in “The One with the Gun”. Let’s watch John Colicos intimidate some cheating poker players, shall we?  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 23- In an extra long episode, Daniel Budnik joins me to talk two season 2 episodes, including my favorite. In episode 20, “Cry, Lie”, Chin Ho is accused of bribery and in episode 21, “Most Likely to Murder”, the wife of a policeman, and Danny’s friend, is murdered. It’s Martin Sheen with a mustache and Tom Skerritt without one.  Soundcloud  iTunes

Episode 24- It’s an old season 2 episode, episode 22 “Nightmare Road”, and a new season 2 episode, episode 18 “Lekio”. Come for the questionable science and dramatic evil plots of the classic and stay for the quick wit and stolen bodies of the reboot. Also, James Caan calling son Scott “Hairdo”. It’s magic.  Soundcloud  iTunes