Garage Sale

Garage sale

Do you like buying other people’s stuff? Well, you are in luck because I like selling my stuff to other people.

Check out my eBay page if you’re looking for pre-owned things that you might find on a table in a yard in a decent neighborhood. Right now I’ve got a slew of used books listed as I am trying to re-home some of the eclectic collection of the second-hand bookshop I apparently live in. If you’re outside of the US and interested in my eBay sales, please message me on eBay or email me at kikiwritesabout at gmail dot com. I’ve had some questionable international shipping things happen, so I’m cautious.

If you prefer stuff that someone actually made, then check out my Etsy page. There’s jewelry and bags for sale as well as some crafting/jewelry supplies.

I’m selling postcards, cards, and other trinkets via Zazzle. Be sure to check that out. Shiny stuff from me that my cats have never had contact with.

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