Rerun Junkie Blog Posts

Rerun Junkie

My Top Five Theme Songs

Following the Stars

The Last of My TV Boyfriends

All of Your Favorites Are Problematic

The Ghosts of Shows Past

They Didn’t Have Native Americans Back Then

Best Characters to Join a Show After the First Season

Reboots of Reruns


Hawaii Five-O

The Golden Girls

The A-Team

Starsky and Hutch

The Monkees

Perry Mason

Barney Miller

Little House on the Prairie



The Rockford Files


The Wild Wild West

The Green Hornet


Gilligan’s Island



The Rifleman

Murder, She Wrote

The Addams Family

The Big Valley

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea



A Little Show Analysis

The Pride of the Ol’ 1-2


“Hookman” Old and New

Hawaii Five-O Favorites Seasons 1-4

Hawaii Five-O Favorites Seasons 5-8

Hawaii Five-O Favorites Seasons 9-12

Favorite Christmas Episodes


Big Chicken

Stefan Kopeckne

Guest Stars

The Guest Star Game

Virginia Gregg

Jeanette Nolan

Boy George on The A-Team


I’m a Sucker for Reunions

Gilligan Was My First

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