Paxton Perlman

Paxton Perlman is a werewolf. But don’t be afraid. He’s from a domesticated line that originated somewhere in England and immigrated to America after the revolution.

What’s a domesticated werewolf?

Instead of being a slave to the moon, running through the wood, chasing scantily clad women, only to later be killed by some virile hero, the domesticated werewolf can control their ability to change whenever they’re close to a full moon. The only time they’re totally helpless  is for the night that it’s full and then, being domesticated, they spend it curled up on the floor, content to sleep it off instead of off on the prowl, looking for prey.

Well, most of the time.

Paxton would much rather spend his days hanging out in his California beach bachelor pad and surfing the waves (and doggy paddling during that time of the month), but sometimes that old, wild blood kicks in and he just can’t help himself.

Even domesticated dogs like a little adventure now and then.

“The Shark and the Werewolf”

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