Stanley Ivanov

Stanley Ivanov wasn’t born Stanley Ivanov. He was born Vitali Ivanov, but that was a long time ago. 600 and some years to be almost exact.

He was somewhere near thirty when his life as a human ended and his existence as a vampire began.

For most people, this sort of thing would lead to an eternity of romantic tragedy and brooding like in the movies. Stanley, though, wasn’t that type. Far too happy-go-lucky and upbeat to let a little thing like being undead and drinking blood to survive get him down for long, he’s made the most of his existence by forging many good friendships, a lovely romance with fellow vampire Neda Kovar, making plenty of money to sustain himself, and most importantly, having a good time.

It’s not his fault that he unknowingly (okay, sometimes knowingly) ends up in the middle of so many things.

“An Old Fashioned Vacation”

“Wait ‘Til Next Year”

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