aka KikiWrites

Kiki Writes About used to be my one and only site for everything I was doing because what I was mostly doing was writing. But when I moved into podcasting, it soon became apparent that one site couldn’t contain it all.

Introducing aka KikiWrites.

It’s the site you’ll find all of my podcasting ventures -it is the new home for Book ’em, Danno– as well as everything relating to Rerun Junkie, since reruns are what I’m usually podcasting about. You’ll still be able to find the first two seasons of Book ’em, Danno and Rerun Junkie posts up until 2019 here on Kiki Writes About, but all of the new content can be found over on aka KikiWrites.

So once you’re finished filling your eyeballs with all of these words, head on over and fill your ears with some more words. And then maybe indulge your eyes with a few more.