The Writing Tier–(Vampires) Made in America

Once upon a time Stanley Ivanov saved the world (with some help from his friends) and went from Vampire outcast to Vampire inner circle. That’s why Vampire elder Andrei Carp has sent him along with two of Andrei’s most trusted members of his inner-inner circle, Stanley’s very long-time girlfriend Neda Kovar, and his even longer-time rival Nathan Vacek, to Arizona. Andrei needs his best to investigate the possibility of American Vampires, something thought impossible, and decide what to do with them. Vacek thinks they should be destroyed, Neda thinks they should be saved, and Stanley thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.

However, the longer the trio are in Arizona, the more likely it looks like American Vampires are possible. And there not the only ones who’ve notice. Hunters -those who christened themselves judge, jury, and executioner of anyone on the Outskirts they think is out of line- have also noticed something strange out there. And two of the most notorious, Zeb and Zeke Heller, are on their way.

Now, it’s a race. Will Stanley be able to save these wayward vampires from the Hunters, his fellow vampires, and themselves.


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