So Long, Neighbor

Detective Vince Carthos finds himself stuck with Detective DeAndre DeMarte while Detective Josh Carpenter is on vacation. DeMarte considers himself to be the best detective in Munsterville and, much to Vince’s annoyance, most people on the force agree with him. As such, he spends most of his time trying to educate Vince on the finer points of being detective and subtly insulting both him and Carpenter in the process.

Then they get a call about a dead body in a neighborhood Vince is all-too-familiar with. One of his first cases was there -a dead body found on someone’s front step. He made an ass of himself on that case. It also just so happens that his girlfriend lives next to the possible victim.

Or definite victim, as far as DeMarte’s concerned. He insists on working every lead until the autopsy comes in with (what he is certain will be) a homicide tag. He won’t be fooled like Carpenter was.

After all. This is Murderville.

Episode 1: A Dead Neighbor on Sunday

Episode 2: Talking to the Neighbors

Episode 3: Next of Kin

Episode 4: Mountains and Molehills

Episode 5: Family Secrets

Episode 6: Back to the Neighborhood

Episode 7: Autopsy Results

Episode 8: A Wake for a Neighbor