Fat Girl

polka dots

I’m a fat woman and sometimes I write about it.

Objects in the Selfie Are Fatter Than They Appear– Don’t let the angles fool you. I’m legit. (5/8/23)

There’s a Weight Limit on That -There are always exceptions to those generalizations. (5/19/22)

“How Are You So Confident?” -Because a fat woman shouldn’t have any confidence. The audacity. (2/3/22)

-Sometimes I Forget Myself: Fat Ass Edition-I don’t always think about being fat. Wild, huh? (9/14/21)

Schrodinger’s Fatphobe -Get in the gym! No, not like that! (8/18/21)

Make It Fat, You Cowards -I dare you to give us adequate, accurate representation. (4/17/19)

Fat Girl in the New Year -I have goals! (1/16/19)

Warning: Fat Girl Walking -I walk to get places. Do you expect me to hover? (6/5/17)

“I’d Never Sleep with a Fat Girl” -Ah, yes. Fat girl panic. (4/28/17)

“I Like Big Girls” -But do you really, though? (3/28/17)

When I Talk About Being Fat -I’m not exactly talking about me. (9/14/16)

I Was “Healthier” Then -Because I weighed less so I must have been, right? (4/11/16)

If You Can’t Love Me Fat… -You’ll never, ever love me. (1/7/16)

Are You a Good Fatty? -Why should I have to defend my honor when a thin person doesn’t need to? (10/7/15)

What I See Ain’t What You Get -I see me a lot differently than everyone else. (8/21/15)

This Fat Girl Isn’t on a Diet -This is just how I eat, I promise. (7/10/15)

Being Fat on Twitter -I’m a lot fatter in person than I am on the socials. (1/22/15)

PSA: Stop Saying “Being Fat Isn’t Healthy” -You can’t tell a person’s health by looking at them. (7/15/14)

Picture: Fat Girl in a Two-Piece -Photographic evidence of my two-piece and my struggle to post said evidence on the internet. (6/24/14)

Fat Girl in a Two-Piece -All of these years what I really needed in swimwear was belly freedom. (6/12/14)

Fat Girl Fashion in a Small Town -Sometimes I stick out as a fashionable fat ass. (5/7/14)

Fashion Advice From a Fat Girl -In which I attempt to give some fashion advice, which in the end is probably ill-advised. (1/31/14)

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Cottage Cheese -Society tends to be lactose intolerant and some days, so am I. (7/15/13)

I Don’t Owe You an Explanation For Being Fat -I get to exist as is and I don’t have to make you feel better about it. (6/10/13)

I Was Pretty Then -Hindsight is 20/20 and a whole lot of people, including myself, were blind. (5/13/13)

“You Should Lose Weight Because…” -You should shut up because…(3/11/13)

Fat and Fabulous -I can be two things at once. (12/10/12)

Fat Telling -Minding your business continues to be free. (10/8/12)

Fat Health -Fatphobia in the medical community. (9/3/12)

Fat Acceptance -Did you know that treating fat people like they’re humans is more beneficial than shaming them for existing in a fat body? Wild. (8/6/12)

Fat Business -Minding your business is free. (6/25/12)

Picture of a Fat Girl -This is me. I’m fat and I’m never going to be thin. Please come to terms with this accordingly. (5/14/12)

Fat Girl Fitness -I’m fat and I like to move and sometimes I struggle with that. (1/23/12)

Fat Girl Style -I suppose you’d have to call my style eclectic due to funds and commitment issues. (11/28/11)

“Why Are You Single?” -Plot twist: It’s not just because of my looks. (7/18/11)

Fat Girl Belly Dancing -Turns out this exercise did more than just discover muscles I didn’t know I had. (6/20/11)

Don’t Cry, I’m Fat -Allow me to dispel some myths about my fatness. (2/21/11)

I’m a Guy Magnet* *Conditions May Apply -The quality of men I tend to attract is questionable at best and it messes up my perception as a whole. (2/14/11)