The Last Joke

The Last Joke

Pam and Drew Bendixen have had a rough couple of years, having a rough climb after being dropkicked from economic security.

And then they find a dead man on their doorstep.

While a corpse appearing with their daily newspaper fits with the luck they’ve been having, it turns out that the deceased, Winchester Harmon, was a succesful business man and there’s a $25,000 reward for information that brings his killer to justice.

That reward could go a long way to solving Pam and Drew’s financial difficulties.

But can they find the time to find a killer between their (several) jobs and a family potluck to get the money they need?

Oh, and help find justice for a dead man and his family. That, too.

Episode 1: The Morning Paper Came with a Corpse

Episode 2: Eavesdropping at a Funeral

Episode 3: The Mistresses and the Frenchman

Episode 4: The Holistic Side of Death

Episode 5: Puzzle Piece Pawn

Episode 6: Finding Chester R. Ewins

Episode 7: To Find a Crime Scene

Episode 8: A Potluck and a Will