The End Of

Though it’s been months, Detective Josh Carpenter is still smarting from the hard twist the Winchester Harmon case took. Not only did his ego take a devastating hit, but he’s also on his chief’s garbage list. A call about a body at Munsterville’s popular suicide spot, known locally as End Of, is just the straightforward case he needs to get back on track.

So, Josh isn’t exactly thrilled when Lu Jones, death investigator and sister-in-law, tells him that the apparent hanging suicide of a career mistress is a homicide. Now Josh is facing even more pressure from his chief to get this one right and the unlikeliness of a homicide at The End Of has Lu under the microscope, too.

Will this case twist to the point of snapping Josh and Lu’s reputations?

Josh and Lu need to solve this murder for the sake of their careers.

And for the the sake of the lady left dangling in the trees, too.