A Tale of Two Lady Killers

A Tale of Two Lady Killers

Edda Blue is making a new start and she’s making it in Coral Pearl, Florida. She’s got her Grandma Ruby, her car, a place to live, a job…and soul bonds with two strangers: Mack Sexton, gigolo and scotch drinker, and Jake Lusk, attractive mechanic.

After a messy divorce, Edda finds the two soul bonds (which only she can see; an ability she’s had all of her life) the disturbing. She’s not ready to get herself into another mess now.

There’s another thing, too, something Grandma Ruby neglected to mention in her pitch to get her to move down there.

A serial killer.

A serial killer that Edda finds herself sharing a soul bond with.

Will Edda’s new life end even more horribly than her old one did?

Available only as an ebook, you can get it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords (which is compatible for multiple platforms), Apple, and Kobo.

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