The Ivy Russell Novellas

Ivy novellas

Ivy Russell is a private investigator in Buddington, the big city in the cornfield. With the help of friends Art Lopez and Leo DeWitt, she follows cheating spouses and looks for missing people. Much to the frustration of best friend Detective Baz Johnson, Ivy tends to, well, attract weird.

In Cheaters and Chupacabras, Ivy finds that a string of cheating spouse cases puts her in the vicinity of a chupacabra. When she takes a missing persons case to get away from it (at the urging of Baz), it puts her right in its sights. And if a killer mythological creature isn’t bad enough, she’s also the maid of honor at her friend Michelle’s upcoming wedding.

In The Timeless Man, Thanksgiving is approaching, work is slow, and Ivy’s friends won’t stop bugging her about participating in the Thanksgiving eve drinking ritual known as Blackout Wednesday. That’s when Arthur Meadows walks into her office. Ivy normally doesn’t take legacy cases, but this time she makes the exception. And finds that there’s more to Mr. Meadows’s legacy than she could have imagined.

In The Odd Section of Town, Ivy finds the area of Buddington where she conducts a lot of her business plagued by bad luck at the same time an old friend visits and Baz acquires a girlfriend. Despite objects all around, Ivy is determined to figure out what’s going on before the bad luck gets her, too.

In Firebugs and Other Insects, The Odd Section is plagued by an arsonist and Ivy is the prime suspect as she looks for a mentally ill young man hiding out there. She could really use some help, but Baz is overworked and Art is doing a little investigation of his own, trying to figure out why Leo has suddenly gone recluse. And Ivy isn’t about to ask that fireman.

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