Rounds of Luck

Velvet Li has worked third shift at The Kobel Warehouse Off Rockrine Road for years. It put her through college, it was easy despite the disorganized maze of “acquired items” she had to walk rounds through, and her partner, Otis Gorski, was an excellent source of entertainment even if he didn’t want to be. For Velvet, the job was ideal. Nothing ever happened.

Until one night it did.

Otis Gorski, lifelong security guard, found a dead body out by the dumpsters and despite the security cameras and their rounds, neither he nor Velvet saw the killer or the crime, much to the dismay of the police and to the annoyance of their boss Manfred Kobel, who wondered what he was paying them for.

Now Otis wants to retire, Velvet wants everything to go back to normal, and somebody doesn’t want to give the two security guards at The Kobel Warehouse Off Rockrine Road any peace.

For the mystery to be solved, it will take more than simple investigation and speculation.

Velvet and Otis will have to survive the night.

Episode 1- Garbage Man

Episode 2- Blind Spots

Episode 3- Loss/Gain

Episode 4- Official Gossip

Episode 5- Back to the Dumpsters

Episode 6- Speculation

Episode 7- The Phantom Returns

Episode 8- Partners in Crime