Writing for Tips

As a writer, what I want most is to write. What I want second most is to have my stories read. Ultimately, though, what I really, really want is to be able to make a living off of writing.

Since I’ve yet to get my big contract and my best seller, I have to improvise.

Hence, writing for tips.

They’re free stories that anyone can read. Anyone! And if you like them, you can throw some change in my tip jar via PayPal or you can buy me a coffee via Ko-Fi.

I’ll be adding stories periodically, so enjoy the reads, leave some feedback on the stories if you’d like, and pass some monetary support my way if you can. It’s all very much appreciated.


“How the Night Haunts”

“Waiting on the Side of the Road”

“An Active Sleeper”

“Reality Unknown”

“Who Would Know?”

“That Last One”

“The Nights Get Shorter”

“Shadow at Sunset”

“Autopsy Love Story”

“Summer Rot”


“The Waiting Room”


“The Guinea Pig”

“Land of the Voting Dead”

“The Backroom”


“There and Not”

“Erin Go Bragh”