Do you want to support my work financially, but you’ve already bought everything I’ve published? Well, good news! There’s an easy way for you to give me money and experience some new stuff.

Patreon allows you to sign up for a tier that appeals to you and then reap the benefits of that tier.

My current Patreon is set up with 3 monthly tiers.

$1 a month tier- General Support. This tier is ideal for those who’d like to support me in a tangible way, but aren’t keen on the story I’m currently telling, or what I write in general. And it gets you a blog post on the first of every month keeping you up-to-date on everything I’m doing.

$2 a month tier- Writing Tier. This tier features a chapter of a completed work on the second Monday of every month. And you’ll have access to the monthly blog post.

$3 a month tier- Audio Tier. This tier features an audio story on the third Friday of every month. It combines the best of my two worlds: writing and podcasting. You’ll also have access to the writing tier and the monthly blog post.

All of these tiers are open to having more content added later.

The best way to stay in the loop is to become a patron.

Find a tier that’s right for you.

By becoming a patron you’ll also have access to my previous project Murderville.