The Coldest Case

Christabelle Calder isn’t so sure about the blind date her neighbor Pam Bendixen set her up on. After a bitter divorce, she hasn’t had much luck getting back into the single dating scene. However, she’s on the verge of changing her mind when she meets librarian Rena Neri at the local lunch counter.

Unfortunately, the promising date is thrown off the rails by Jerry Cooley and the story of his missing sister, Marybeth. The oldest cold case in Munsterville intrigues Rena almost as much as Christabelle does and Rena decides that using her true crime passion and Christabelle’s private detective skills to solve the case might be a good way for the two of them to spend time together.

But it’s not that simple. The case is old, the evidence is scarce, and not all of the few people that might know something are keen on talking.

And Christabelle isn’t so sure that the end of the case doesn’t also mean the end of the relationship.

Episode 1: An Interesting First Date

Episode 2: Cracking Open a Cold One

Episode 3: An Intriguing Second Date

Episode 4: Connections to the Past Lead to a Third Date

Episode 5: Talking to the Wyliss Boys

Episode 6: Conclusions, Dead Ends, and a Fourth Date

Episode 7: Looking for Nannette Sullivan and Finding a Fifth Date

Episode 8: A Date for Jerry Cooley’s Sake