Hatchets and Hearts

Hatchets and Hearts

Henry Lowell is trying to recover from a traumatic event. He’s taken a room at Alvin Quinter’s house in the small, rural town of Carpenter in order to find some solitude so he can do some therapist ordered writing about the event, his next step in the recovery process. Neither Alvin nor his daughter Iris know that’s the writing Henry’s doing; they think he’s writing a novel.

As Henry struggles to put the events of his tortured timeline on paper, strange things begin to happen around the Quinter place, things that are remarkably similar to what happened to Henry.

Is this all just a coincidence? Or is it all really happening again?

Hatchets and Hearts, an novella, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords (which is compatible for multiple platforms), Apple, and Kobo!

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