People Are Terrible and Other Stories

People Are Terrible

People Are Terrible and Other Stories is an anthology dedicated to exploring the various ways in which people can be terrible, to their loved ones, to their friends, to strangers, to themselves.

A man who can see everyone else’s misdeeds…a woman with a terrible temper…a neighbor with a fixation…an argument between a married couple…a man forced to work overtime…a dying husband and his caregiver wife…cousins cleaning out an attic…a girl and her dog…an assistant manager taking care of his employees…a woman out late at night…a ransacked apartment…an unusual card game…a class reunion at a lake…

People are terrible and they’re terrible in different ways.

These thirteen stories just scratch the surface.

People are Terrible and Other Stories, an anthology currently available at Smashwords (which is compatible for multiple platforms), Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple, and Kobo!

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