Apple and Pork Festival 2013

The Homestead.
The Homestead.

This past weekend was The Apple and Pork Festival and of course I went because there were some apple doughnuts with my name on them. Also some nacho-flavored kettlecorn and a lemon shake-up.

Anyway, with the nice weather the grounds were packed, the whole town was packed. I only went up on Saturday for a little while, walking up instead of taking the tram, and didn’t even bother going down to the flea market. A little bit was enough for me this year. Considering I never go out to the high school or antique mall or the country mall or the flea market that pops up in the old Cedar Square parking lot, it’s a very little bit.

Beyond those porta-potties lies the flea market.
Beyond those porta-potties lies the flea market.

Every year, it feels like it gets bigger, but it’s kind of neat to see how many of the same vendors and sellers show up and set up in the same spots. I appreciate that kind of consistency. For example, I bought something for my mom’s birthday on the Homestead grounds. I knew exactly what I wanted and knew exactly where the guy would be. And he had exactly what I wanted. Handy!

I love Apple and Pork, but only for the couple of hours I’m up there. Once I come home, I don’t leave my house again until Monday because with 100,000 extra people crammed in this tiny space, getting around is nearly impossible.

This is not an exaggeration.

Beyond that teepee they’re throwing tomahawks. I don’t know what you people do at YOUR festivals.

Pictures: Apple and Pork Festival

The Apple and Pork Festival really takes over my tiny town. What started as something that only took place at the Homestead (the C.H. Moore mansion grounds) has over the years expanded to include the several blocks from the Homestead to the Square and the antique mall and high school out on the west side of town. They run a bus from the Square to the high school and a tram from the Square to the Homestead to help people cover the entire thing.

Here are a few pictures of just the Homestead.

The bands are always swingin’. This one is a 50’s cover band.
The Flea Market. If you want it, it’s probably here.
The Covered Bridge that leads to the market.

Interesting note about the covered bridge: it blew down in a bad windstorm late last fall and was rebuilt. Having walked over that bridge dozens of times, it was kind of odd to see all of the new wood inside instead of the old, worn, scarred boards that used to be there.

C.H. Moore Mansion aka The Homestead.
Where the apple doughnuts come from…

Until next year…