A Hat Obsession

The picture on the left is an old picture of my hat collection. The picture is only a year and a half old, but very out of date because I’ve added two or three (or four) more hats since it was taken.

It’s also not a picture of ALL of my hats because none of my stocking caps are represented and I have three or four (or five) of those.

I love hats. I don’t know why. I don’t know when it started. But I collect hats like most women go after shoes. I prefer ballcaps, but I like fedoras, cowboy hats, cabby hats, stocking hats, stupid hats, any hats. I’ve even got a sombrero.

I look good in hats, too. Nothing humble about that brag, either. It’s a fact.

The thing is I don’t wear hats very often. I wear ballcaps to ballgames, but other than that, it doesn’t happen very often. Coco Chanel said that before you leave the house you should take off one accessory. That accessory for me is usually a hat.

That doesn’t stop me from buying them, though.

I want to be prepared in the event that a hat is needed.