Pictures: Apple and Pork Festival

The Apple and Pork Festival really takes over my tiny town. What started as something that only took place at the Homestead (the C.H. Moore mansion grounds) has over the years expanded to include the several blocks from the Homestead to the Square and the antique mall and high school out on the west side of town. They run a bus from the Square to the high school and a tram from the Square to the Homestead to help people cover the entire thing.

Here are a few pictures of just the Homestead.

The bands are always swingin’. This one is a 50’s cover band.
The Flea Market. If you want it, it’s probably here.
The Covered Bridge that leads to the market.

Interesting note about the covered bridge: it blew down in a bad windstorm late last fall and was rebuilt. Having walked over that bridge dozens of times, it was kind of odd to see all of the new wood inside instead of the old, worn, scarred boards that used to be there.

C.H. Moore Mansion aka The Homestead.
Where the apple doughnuts come from…

Until next year…

Pictures: My Last CornBelters Game of 2012

My last game was actually July 21st, but I didn’t realize it was going to be my last game of the season. I also didn’t realize until this week that I never posted the pictures I took from that game. How could I deprive you of that?

First pitch: Normal CornBelters vs. London Rippers
The Rippers uniforms look a lot like track suits.
Swing as they might…
…the Belters just couldn’t score.
Game worn jersey auction for the Special Olympics. The jerseys came straight off the guys’ backs.

The season wasn’t the greatest and I would have rather my last game of the season not be a blowout loss, but it I’m still going to miss sad to the see the season end.

And I can’t wait for next year.

Frontier All-Star Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the Frontier Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

The West Division signing autographs.
The East Division signing autographs.
Home Run Derby champ Russell Moldenhauer of the Lake Eerie Crushers mashes one during the first round.
First pitch from the West Division.
First pitch from the East Division.
Rich Mascheri of the Normal CornBelters on the mound.
Frontier All-Star Game MVP Joash Brodin of the London Rippers takes a few swings on deck.
The Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game were sparkly good times.








Get My Good Side

English: A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II came...

I’m writing this post because I’m in the mood for a new Twitter avatar. I like to change it every couple of months. It alleviates boredom.

You would think this would be an easy task, however, I am one vain little fat girl. I want to look as pretty as I can in my pictures which isn’t always easy.

First of all, I’m limited with what DNA gave me. Filters and cropping only do so much. I’ve got what I got. And while I am fat and acknowledge that I’m fat, I do my best to make that fat look good.

Second of all, with this DNA configuration, I’m not exactly photogenic. You know those people that you can photograph while they’re wearing sweats, no make-up, haven’t brushed their hair in six days, and they’re hungover, but they still look really good? I am not one of those people. I’m also not one of those people that can’t take a good picture to save their life. You know those people. The ones that everyone says they look much better in person no matter when, how, and where the picture was taken or how much work the person put into their appearance prior to the picture being taken.

I’m somewhere in the middle. Some days I’m quite photogenic and with little effort I can take a pretty picture. Other days, it doesn’t matter how many pictures I take. From every angle, I’ve got only badness going on.

Then there’s the kind of picture I want to take. Am I in the mood for playful or serious or sexy? Do I want a solo shot, or do I want to pull a group shot from Facebook and use it? Much of the time, the picture I want to use is the picture I don’t have. Then when I try to take the picture I’d like to use, it doesn’t work out.

Sometimes I settle. Sometimes I wait until the timing is better. Sometimes I’m impatient which leads to frustration. All over a tiny little picture that most people don’t really pay attention to.

But I can justify a little bit. My Twitter is my main forum. Yes, I have a blog and a Facebook page, but Twitter is where I’m most active. I have over 700 followers now (what?). If I was going to brand myself, KikiWrites would be it. As such, the face on that profile is kind of important to me. It’s representing me. So I kind of have a right to be picky about the picture I put out there.

On the other hand, if I could let go of a little of my vanity, this would be a whole lot easier and I wouldn’t get so unnecessarily frustrated.

It’s not easy trying to be presentable.

First CornBelters Game of 2012

On Sunday my friend Haley and I, along with her two kids, attended our first CornBelters game of the year. The season opened last Friday against the Windy City Thunderbolts and our game was a rubber match between the two teams. Unfortunately, the Thunderbolts weren’t the only storm in town. The game was stopped due to lightening after 3 1/2 innings and after a lengthy delay (most of which we waited out in the stands with only our freebie blankets to keep us dry!) the game was suspended.

The game will be finished when the CornBelters meet up with the Thunderbolts again in at the Windy City home field. However, for us damp fans, our tickets are comped for another game at the CornCrib because the CornBelters always take very good care of their fans.

Even though the game ended much earlier than we wanted and not the way we wanted, I still got a few pictures.

Home sweet home at the CornCrib.
2012 CornBelters warming up.
Justin Albert and Pat Trettle getting ready to get the game started.
Our favorite ex-Belter Mike Mobbs, now playing for Windy City.
The guys hanging out by the clubhouse while the Dancing Taco keeps the crowd entertained during the delay.
Sweet freebie CornBelters blanket.
New CornBelters souvenir cups advertising the All Star Game.

Casino Night 2012 Pictures

Between Harry and me, we only got a handful of pictures to share. I’ll be honest, I didn’t whip out my phone until the end of the night and the three pictures I managed to capture reflect that.

Honestly, I need a professional photographer to accompany me to these sorts of things because I am terrible.

Also, it’s easy to tell the difference between Harry’s pictures and mine. Harry’s are the good ones. I also thanked him in every caption.

Harry and I at Casino Night taken by a professional photographer who may or may not have been riding the biggest sugar high ever.
Bryan LaHair dealing (thanks Harry!).
Ian Stewart dealing (thanks, Harry!).
Carlos Marmol. I’m resisting the urge to make a joke about a line forming for the Marmol Coaster. (I didn’t resist hard.) (Thanks, Harry!)
Theo Epstein talking to Dale Sveum. (Thanks, Harry!)
Crystal Bowersox performing.
Somewhere in there is Paul Maholm, Chris Volstad, and James Russell.
That tall guy on the right is Chris Volstad.
That bald guy on the left is Paul Maholm.
David DeJesus and his lovely wife Kim (with cameos by Sarah Spain and Theo Epstein). (Thanks, Harry!)