Writing Wednesday–Writing Magazines

I subscribe to two writing magazines: Writer’s Digest and The Writer. I love them both. Even when I was broke as a joke, I still found the money to renew my subscriptions.

I like reading them because they put me in a writing frame of mind. I don’t know why, but reading the articles gets my juices flowing. They make me want to write. More than once I’ve busted a slump by spending a day reading (or re-reading) issues.

It’s uncanny how at least one article in each issue pertains to something I’m dealing with in my writing world at that moment. If I’m thinking about writing about personal essays, the next issue might have an article about them. It’s like they know, man.

I’m terribly behind on my reading. I’ve got a stack of them on my dresser that I wasn’t able to get to while I was working my former day job. Slowly but surely, I’m catching up.

And as I catch up, I can feel the juices start to flow once again. It’s like rain after a drought. I’m feeling good.

Let’s hope some good stuff starts to grow.