Five (Unreasonable and Frivolous) Things I Want From Santa

To get into the holiday mood, I figured I’d start where my childhood left off…with Santa. He hasn’t been to my house in years, but if he did, I’d ask him for some serious loot. Here are five things I want from Santa this year (don’t bother looking for world peace or anything too sentimental on this list; it’s all about me and it’s all about extreme):

1. A red 2008 Dodge Charger. Instead of decorating it with a bow, I’d rather the insurance on it be paid for five years.

2. An all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii and the money to spend to make it worth my while. I’d totally buy Santa a cool thank you gift while I was on the Big Island.

3. The various missing pieces to my Monkees music collection and tickets to their next reunion tour. Santa should encourage my Monkee love.

4. Every Vincent Price movie on DVD. Speaking of love, Vincent IS my Valentine every year. I should have every movie he’s been in at my disposal for February 14th.

5. Ted Lilly to play for the Cubs again. I miss him. Other people miss him. Santa wouldn’t even have to bring him to my house. Just deposit him at Wrigley Field on Opening Day.

It’s a list like this that really makes me sad that Santa doesn’t visit my house anymore. Oh, I doubt he’d bring me these five things, but he would bring me free stuff. And I love me some free stuff.

What outrageous, purely selfish things would you ask Santa for?

3 thoughts on “Five (Unreasonable and Frivolous) Things I Want From Santa

  1. Santa could bring me the following:
    1. A really big-ass flat screen plasma, cool TV; with a Blu-Ray player and a swank video game system, along with some gift cards for Best Buy and GameStop so I could stock up on games and movies.
    2. A brand new Honda Element, completely paid for, including insurance and some of those spiffy gas cards.
    3. Season tickets to the Cubs, and a place to stay in Chicago so I could actually use said tickets.
    4. Paying the tuition and books for the remainder of my education, plus paying off my existing student loans. It’d be nice to enter my career without all of my salary going to my loans. But that won’t be happening.
    5. A new, more professional wardrobe.

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