Writing–Proofreading Posts

Spelling Challenges and More!

I’ve been doing this blog a little while now and it should be obvious that I don’t proofread my blog posts as well as I should.

On the one hand, I prefer this blog to be casual. I don’t want the posts to have an overdone, too-refined feel to them. I want it to come off like I’m shooting from the hip here. Cool and casual. That sort of thing.

Also, I’m lazy.

On the other hand, if I’m going to convince anyone that I’m a writer, pointing them to my blog posts probably won’t do it because I miss things. Embarrassing thing. Things I don’t wish to discuss, but are right there for anyone to see because I rarely go back and correct things when I find them.

Because I’m lazy.

Rest assured, that I’m much better with the writing that I submit to places. I go over those stories very carefully looking for the errors that slip past my quick re-reads of blog posts. I pride myself on there being no spelling errors in my stories at the very least. I’d like to think that the only grammatical errors are intentional, but I can’t always guarantee that. I’ve found a couple in my rejects that made me cringe.

But the blog posts, well, I’m lax with them. Like I said, I give them a quick re-read and call them done. I miss a lot.

As much as I like to be lazy, it’s long past time that I stop being that way with the blog. I need to put a little more effort into it.

I can still look casual while spelling it right, too.

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