Writing–2014 Reading Goals


Last year I got quite complicated with my reading goals. I needed to have so many fiction books and so many non-fiction books and only so many re-reads to make sure I was reading new stuff and so many outside of my genre to make sure I was reading widely.

Well, it worked. I did all of that. Sure I was reading three books at once in November and then December to make sure I got everything read, but I did make it happen.

This year? Scrap all of that complicated business.

My reading goals this year are going to be very simple.

24 books. 2 books a month. Only 4 can be re-reads.

There. Done.

I think I’ve grasped the concept of reading more widely. I think I can balance my fiction and my non-fiction. The main goal this year is to read steadily. I have a terrible habit of reading in fits and spurts. I’ll go a couple of months without reading anything and then I’ll read four books in a month. It might take me three months to read one book and then I’ll read another in a weekend.

I need to be more regular with my reading and I need to make a habit of that.

Hopefully, this year’s reading goals will help me accomplish that.

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