Writing–Yearly: A Collection of 12 Short Stories


I happy to announce the release of my short story anthology Yearly: A Collection of 12 Stories! Catchy title, huh? Just like a calendar has twelve months, this anthology contains twelve stories of the horror persuasion ready and waiting to unnerve you.

It’s available at Smashwords and Amazon for just .99!

2 thoughts on “Writing–Yearly: A Collection of 12 Short Stories

  1. Should charge 9.99 & become richer with the stories. Is Nothing Man in this one? Moving soon but I would like 5 copies. JC

    1. Ha! I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I don’t have what it takes to charge that much for anything I write. I barely sell at 99 cents. And Nothing Man is its own novella. All of the stories in this anthology are shorter and new.

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