January Writing Projects

Hello, there, 2019. I’m certainly glad to see you, though I’m a little apprehensive to see your face, too. I’m afraid you’ll look too much like 2018.

And in so many ways, 2019 will. That’s because much of what I didn’t get done in 2018 will be on the projects list for 2019.

In fact, January 2019 will look a lot like January 2018 because I’ll be working on The Coop Run again. Last January, I was finishing the disaster of a first draft. This January, I’ll be finishing the rewrite of it which will turn it into a much better novella, a rewrite that I started sometime last year and had to abandon so I could focus on the torment that was Murderville Season 3. I have no idea how easy it will be for me to return to a half-finished project that I haven’t looked at in months, but the first of the year sounds like a great time to find out.

I’ll also be finishing the flash fiction project that I wanted to do last month. I ended up writing a few new stories for it, so it didn’t get put together and published. But it will this month. Honest! Maybe.

Starting off 2019 really strong and stable here, as you can see.

But what is getting off without any(more) hitches, is Murderville Season 3! The first episode of Murderville: Rounds of Luck goes live on January 8th. As always, $1 per episode patrons get to read, $2 per episode patrons get to read AND get fun bonuses every other month. It’s super easy to become a patron. Just head on over to Patreon and join in the fun.

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