Writing–September Projects

Hoverfly (Eristalinius taeniops)

Having spent the better part of my summer working on two novels in some form, I’m feeling a little lost. For three months I knew exactly what I was going to be working on every day. Now that they’re done (for now), there’s a little rudderless panic that happens at first. I had mine and now it’s time to work.

It’s time to swing things back to the short story.

I’ve got seven stories that are ready for submission. I’ve got two that need to be revised. I’ve got two ideas that are begging to be written. And “Gone Missing” needs one more polish after one of my lovely beta readers caught a few mistakes. Okay, it’s more of a novella, but still. I can count it for this.

So between writing, revising, polishing, and submitting there’s plenty to keep me busy this month. And since I’ve acquired a few day jobs that I’ll be starting this month, it’ll be easier to work the short story projects into the new and changing schedule.

Of course, that’s a mental thing. It just feels easier because short stories come pre-broken down into bite sized chunks that I can work on. Novels feel like a huge chunk of meat that you have to swallow whole and I have trouble breaking them down and working them into a day job schedule without feeling like a slacker.

I’m straying from the point. The point is I have a lot of short story work to do this month and some decisions to make one which stories I want to submit and which ones I want to use at freebies.

Because I think we could use a few more freebies on the blog. Don’t you?

Speaking of if you check out the Outskirts tab up at the top, you’ll find that I’ve moved everything from the old site over so you don’t have to leave home to read about the Skirts!

I’m convenient like that.

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