Book ’em, Danno–Episode 17

Season 2 of Hawaii Five-O continues with episode 7 “Sweet Terror” and episode 8 “King Kamehameha Blues”. In the former we have a fun terror plot run by an eccentric bad-guy-for-hire and in the latter we have a group of college kids “putting the squeeze on the establishment” with a daring theft.

The fun part of watching these episodes in order is that you get pairs like this one in which I really loved one episode and totally loathed the other. “Sweet Terror” features Theodore Bikel as a fun villain with a certain air of sophistication and Soon Tek Oh is back playing another not-so-nice character. “King Kamehameha Blues” just straight up gives me the blues.

You can listen to my raving and ranting on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Instead of a picture from one of the episodes, here’s a pic of King Kamehameha I’s cloak. You can read all about how it was made here.

Image from Hawaii Alive

3 thoughts on “Book ’em, Danno–Episode 17

  1. I’ve heard you on Dan’s ES podcast for a few Green Hornets and the current Automan episodes, which of course led me here. Great podcast! I enjoyed your perspective of the interesting villain, and the more complex perspective of throwing a mercenary into the standard Communism Bad plotline, but I was especially moved by your feelings about the theft of the King Kamehameha cloak. Beautifully articulated. I wasn’t sure if I’d get into the podcast, not having seen the show since maybe catching a few scenes as a child, but you’ve piqued my interest. Plus, as a MASH fanatic, I enjoy any excuse to see MASH alumni in anything, and of course, many of the Asian actors working at the time have been on both shows – Soon-Tek Oh was in a pile of them. Thanks for the great podcast!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad you found your way here and you’re enjoying the podcast. I will never not love an eccentric villain. They make me happy beyond words. I also feel it’s important to call things as I see them, even when it comes to a 50 year old cop show. When I first started doing the podcast I worried about pointing things like the racist casting out, but then I decided that no, it should be pointed out. I love this show. I can critique it how I want. And I am a fellow MASH fan, so yes, I love the amount of crossover of the Asian guest stars. Soon-Tek Oh is a forever favorite.

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