The Great Purge of 2015

dresserOne of my half-assed New Year’s Resolutions was to get rid of some of my stuff and if I got rid of one thing, that would be a success.

Yeah, I’ll be getting rid of more than one thing, I’m sure.

2015 has become The Year of the Purge.

Just in the first few weeks of the new year, I’ve been thinking about things I could get rid of, that I should get rid of, and I’ve gotten rid of a few things (old socks mostly). But it goes beyond the material and physical. I’ve already cleaned out emails, gotten rid of some sites I don’t really use anymore, and I’m looking to delete pictures from my phone and get rid of a bunch of links that I don’t need anymore in my bookmarks folder.

Back to the physical.

I’ve got a tub and a drawer full of fabric and t-shirts and other clothes designated for sewing projects. I’ve made a list of some sewing projects to get me started. The goal is to complete these projects and then either keep, sell, or give away the results, therefore clearing out my tub and drawer of some of the material I’ve accumulated.

I’ve boxes of things in the basement from an unsuccessful garage sale attempt a couple of years ago. I’m thinking another attempt needs to be made. Or I’m going to start listing things on eBay.

And, no, my writing hasn’t been spared from this need to lighten the load. My goal is to have all of the projects in various stages currently on my To Do List of Doom finished completely by the time NaNoWriMo gets here in November. My discipline has been sorely lacking when it comes to getting projects completed in a timely manner. This year, it changes. Nothing new until one novel, two anthologies, three novellas, and three outlines are done.

I need to be rid of these things, whether in my head or on my laptop or in my house.

This year, I’m all about losing weight.

Just not the kind that shows up on the scale.

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